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: من هنـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــا

What's In this version:

New SmartOSD for most osd elements
Multi language epg support
Multi records for current transponder/frequence, including mdapi support*
New station list which would allow for information there at future
times (old treeview list still is usable and selectable throught the
view menu)..
Error reports built in, you should be able to send the reports
directly to me, screenshots/logs etc are included, but optional to send
ofcourse write to privacy.Please send error reports if possible for
future improvement of this software.Already lots more bugs seem fixed
compared to previous times which only aids stability
New installation which includes install without admin rights needed at win7/8***
Win8 should be more compatible now (fullscreen mode bugs etc)
Integrated teletext with smartosd and also new epg (still needs
work), dvb subtitles,ttx subtitles etc all added to options smartosd
New graphical smartosd timeshift
Better support for remote and remote list maintenance, still needs
tests so if you try the new smartosd at tv or remote please let me know
your suggestions or what you still find missing
Logos support for new station list and new epg (put your logos at
smartdvb logos folder).If people are able to provide like logo packs i'd
be much obliged
First ability to create AddOns with smartdvb api** (please contact
me for example/or api deion, still needs work nd tst ofcourse)
Better mpeg record capabilities, should be more compatible now also
AC3 mpeg record capabilities. Also H.264's recorded with mpeg ps
container, which is not real standard it seems but seems to operate
Splash at startup for new SmartOSD
Option to show channel list on the right
Teletext filter to channel properties (shows only channels which
have teletext subtitles).Also added indication to show the teletext
subtitle page number to the channel properties (ES).
New osd volume indicator
New osd record indicator
Remote re-indexing (this will recreate the remote list d on current channel numbers, CH# in the channel properties)
Remote clear option (this will clear all current set chn entries (CH# in channel properties)
Teletext option for new osd
Processing of program content information to eit parser
Country/town selection for usals settings (diseqc settings)
Initial subtitle handling for new smart osd
Initial program information for new smart osd
Channel list option (for new SmartOSD) for floating/fullscreen mode (list pops up when moving to left side of video)
Content deion to main epg
First setup for automatic aspect ratio updates (not tested, just looked if video still runs)
Hex values selection to the chn properties dialog
Provider data to CA (chn properties). "caproviders.txt" is read for
that. It uses the following format
"<[catype]> name>", where the range format is like 0x04f0 for example (make sure
it's 4 hex digits).
Record name s to record options (make sure to keep using
date (year/month/day hour/mins/secs) to ensure file uniqueness
Timeshift path to timeshift options
Telext popup menu for font and exit (in case of smartosd ttx)
Endtime to eit db for better search options
Epg search common dialog
Count status to channellist
Hibernate option to scheduler task (oversight)
Exception report option
Option to show logo's for epg (put your logo's at 'logos' folder, jpg/gif or png)
New custom channel list (selectable at'view -> tree channel list'). Logo's go at logos folder (d on service name).

Fixed :

Some codepage handling changes concerning EPG also concerning iso
6937 (untested).This might fix for example polish diacritic character
Little bugfix when entering channels a syntax error could arise
Going back in history didn't work well for favorites
Zooming wasn't working correctly on the vertical axis when using the EVR renderer
Various changes to get teletext etc to work with float/fullscreen mode
Problem with connection dialog (directshow options) width (with larger fonts for example)
Small fix for transponder edit dialog (when manual scanning defaults are used)
Small change to hide video on radio channel
Scanner bugfix
Mpg audio records now seem to work
Small blindscan log bug
C stationlist remote shortcut would show old obsolete vmr station list (btw only operates with old treeview station list)
Teletext titles corrected write refresh (could improve quick move title pages).
Some teletext fixes, font didn't always show correct at all ttx sizes
Some eit db fixes.Please remove old smarteit.db (it populates auto again) to be on safe side
Some Record timer problem
Teletext codepage bug
Some mdapi related issues (acamd exception?), some compile options altered coz of that
Some install issues

Your browser does not support inline s or is currently configured not to display inline s.

Changed :

***First workaround to fix administrator rights needed on win7
upwards. Installer does now try to install at local data folder what is
needed. You might need to copy plugins from previous install (although
installer tries to copy them also atm) at your program files SmartDVB
folder). Settings should be retained from previous installs (copy).
Needs tests ofcourse. Installer also gives the possibility to still
install all files at the same folder (which on win7/win8 still requires
admin privileges then ('program files')). Also you should be able to
remove all files installed at the 'local user data' folder (copying them
to the smartdvb.exe directory) and smartdvb should still pick them up
(or just remove/rename settings.ini coz a simple check is done on that
at startup) (but the local user data folder always has priority 'nd is
used if there)
Some internal changes to scanner for (let's hope) better stability
Some changes to EPG parser, languages are now also parsed to allow
for multiple language support lateron.Also some bugs/memory leaks
etc.Interested to know if everything still runs ok (also north american
d*sh processing etc)
Some rework of record stop etc (also related to multi-rec
additions), needs tests to see if scheduler still is ok etc (concerning
record stops)
Some changes to bda.dev (florian) signal processing (interested to
know if all devices still work ok with respect to quality/level
detect).Also options to bda.dev to relax signal processing (might be
useful for devices with very bad signals to still be able to try)
Lots OSD EPG alterations/corrections.Now some icons are shown for
content type.Also for schedule/records.Also possible to initialize
multiple records from epg.New graphics
Sqlite update to current build.Also some alteration write the delete
of old epg entries which would sometimes slow down app (especially at
init) when EPG db grew. Needs tb looked at
EPG iso alterations, also warning to default iso codepages used.
Station properties now allows default codepage to be set (useful for
stations which don't indicate which codepage to use at system.At
situation where codepage's given by stream that shall have precedence at
all times before that option). Also other iso codepages should be
supported better now i hope (needs test)
XP should operate better now

: من هنـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــا


: من هنـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــا